Support for iOS/Mac Unified APIs

OxyPlot implementations for [Xamarin.iOS] and Xamarin.Mac are now available! To use it, install the NuGet package OxyPlot.Xamarin.Mac or OxyPlot.Xamarin.iOS.

The example plot rendered on a retina display:

Example plot

Chat room at

A chat room has been added at Hopefully this can be a nice supplement to the discussion forum and twitter.


Continuous integration

OxyPlot is now built at AppVeyor. This change has simplified the build system significantly and removed the need for a local build server. AppVeyor provides a great service that does both continuous integration and deployment for all platforms except the Xamarin ones.

The build is configured in the appveyor.yml file and handles both the develop and master branches.

The StyleCop, Gtk# and Lynx Toolkit prerequisities are now installed by chocolatey.

The NuGet packages will be updated by each build. The Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS packages are not included in the AppVeyor build, and are still built locally on a Mac. It would be great if we could get a similar build and deployment solution also for these projects…

The Silverlight “Example browser” will also be updated by each build.

Builds on the develop branch will get a pre-release suffix -alpha in the version numbers. This will make it possible to select between “Stable Only” and “Include Prerelease” versions in the NuGet manager.

Another great feature is that every pull request on GitHub will automatically trig a build on AppVeyor. A broken build will be shown on the pull request page!!


The origin repository has been split in two branches as described in “A successful Git branching model”:

The master branch contains the latest stable version of the library.

The develop branch contains all the latest changes and pull request. This is the default branch and all pull requests should be based on this branch.

The project has moved to GitHub

OxyPlot has moved from CodePlex to GitHub. The main reasons for the move is the nice and modern user interface of GitHub, Github pages and a hope of getting more people to collaborate on the project.

All open issues have been migrated to the GitHub issue tracker and tagged with ‘CodePlex’.

All discussion threads have been migrated to which is hosted by UserEcho. Each topic has been tagged with ‘CodePlex’. The migration process was done by a small tool.

The website and [documentation][/docs] pages are now built by Jekyll and hosted with [GitHub pages][pages]. There is even an announcements feed! The content can be edited in the repository.